About Kahan

About Kahan


Hutni osada 14
664 84, Zastavka
Tel.: +420 546 429 048
Fax: +420 546 429 048
E-mail: manazer@mikroregionkahan.cz
Web: www.mikroregionkahan.cz

Správní výbor “Mikroregionu Kahan dso”

Předseda Správního výboru:
RNDr. Petr Pospíšil

Místopředseda Správního výboru:
Vratislav Široký

Člen Správního výboru:
Mgr. Jaroslav Světlík

Projektový manažer Mikroregionu Kahan dso:
Ing. Jaroslav Bohanes

History and present

The Kahan (“Miner’s lamp”) microregion was founded in 2000 as an association of the municipalities of Babice u Rosic, Lukovany, Příbram, Vysoké Popovice, Zakřany, Zastávka and Zbýšov. The name indicates that mining has significantly influenced local lifestyles. Until 1992, the Rosice-Oslavany coal mining operation was active. Though it was the smallest coal mining area in the Czech Republic, the operation produced black coal of the highest quality. The glory of the past mining times is recalled in the signs of closed mines, piles, preserved mining towers of the former Simson and George II mines and in the Museum of Industrial Railways in Zbýšov.

The microregion is very attractive to tourists. The rich history of these municipalities speaks through their churches, chapels and crosses commemorating both joyful and tragic events. Sport lovers will welcome the tennis courts, soccer fields and swimming pools. The visitors will like high-quality network of marked footpaths and cycling trails with easy connection to Brno and Oslavany. The local forests are attractive for mushroom-pickers while families with small children appreciate the Zbýšov modern swimming pool with a water slide. Traditional events such as the summer Washtub races (“Neckyáda celebration”) and various sporting events are also worth visiting,

Interesting sights

St. Wenceslas Church in Lukovany
– this 11th century Romanesque church belongs to the oldest sights in the microregion. A 89-kg bell hangs inside its onion-shaped tower.

St. Florian and Virgin Mary Chapel in Příbram
– this chapel´s unusual footprint represents the shape of Noah´s ark (1999).

Mining Tower of Simson´s Mine in Zbýšov
– the mining tower dating back to 1902 belongs to the technical monuments of the Czech Republic; unfortunately it has not been open to the public yet.

Mining Tower of George II Mine in Zbýšov
– it is a remainder of the deepest black coal mine in central Europe (1550 m) that was closed in 1991.

Museum of Industrial Railways in Zbýšov
– it presents a unique exposition of narrow gauge engines and wagons and organizes occasional rides on the Zastávka - Zbýšov railway.


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