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History and present

The Lukovany municipality lies in the hilly terrain of the Bobrava highlands. Judging from the ancient Romanesque church of St. Wenceslas, the dominant point of the village, the history of Lukovany reaches back to the 11th century. We first learn of the village existence in the year 1269 from a written source of brothers Zdeslav and Arnošt from Lukovany, who probably had their fortress there. Afterwards Lukovany came into the possession of the Lords of Lipá at Moravský Krumlov and in 1544 the village was annexed to the Rosice manor.

Apart from the sacral monuments, Lukovany also possesses an old town seal with a two-tailed lion. There are 530 inhabitants living in the village. The municipality contains numerous sports facilities. The community continues to maintain folk traditions such as the Three Kings or the Carnival. St Wenceslas feast in late September remains the most important event of the year. A pond suitable for swimming, fishing and skating lies in the direction of Zakřany. The red hiking trail leading to Ketkovice castle passes through the village. There is a nice view of the Ivančice region and the distant Pálava hills.

Interesting sights

St Wenceslas Church
The church was built in the 11th century in the Romanesque style. You can enter it through an onion-shaped tower that contains three bells. Two of them date back to 1969 and are devoted to St. Wenceslas and Virgin Mary. The upper level of the tower is decorated with split Romanesque windows. In the body of the church there is a Baroque pulpit dating back to 1716. The altar is decorated with wooden gilded statues of St Benedict and St. Maur and little oil portrait of St. Wenceslas. Behind it stands a statue of Virgin Mary with infant Jesus. All the statues come from Oslavany cloister closed during Emperor Josef´s reforms in 1782. A stone wall that winds around the church used to form the fortification. Remnants of a tunnel were found under the church, connecting the church with a neighbouring manor called “Purk”.

Community Ccentre
The Community Centre originally housed the Svornost („Unity“) food club that ensured food supply for local inhabitants in the 2nd half of 19th century. A memorial plaque of baroness Hirsch is placed on the wall as she used to own the Rosice manor together with her husband and donated the land for building. The memorial plaque was installed in the year of the baroness´s death (1899), it was removed in 1950’s and reinstalled again in September 2006.


Lukovanská hospůdka
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Sports facilities

TJ Sokol Lukovany
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Cultural amenities

Kulturní dům Lukovany
Lukovany 88
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Traditional events

• Three Kings, Hunting ball

• Relics fair

• Den dětí

• St. Wenceslas feast


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