Příbram na Moravě

Příbram na Moravě


Příbram na Moravě 33
664 84, Zastávka u Brna
Tel.: +420 546 450 224
Fax: +420 546 450 224
E-mail: obec@pribramnamorave.cz
Web: www.pribramnamorave.cz

History and present

The first mention of Příbram dates to 1237 when a contract was signed between King Wenceslas I and the Brno cathedral of St. Peter, to which Václav of Příbram was a signatory. In the 14th century Příbram belonged to Příbram authorities from Vysoké Popovice and as of 1482 passed to the Rosice manor, where it remained for entire centuries.

Příbram was an agricultural vassal village and as such paid taxes, for example, in caraway seed that grew here in the Middle Ages. When coal was discovered in the Rosice-Oslavany area at the end of the 18th century, Příbram grew significantly. Many inhabitants found work in the nearby Zastávka and farther mines and started to move to Příbram in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1875, Příbram passed a portion of its land to Zastávka, which expanded from a small inn to be a small industrial town. Příbram itself also expanded during the prosperous mining times. In 1890 Příbram counted 99 houses while today there are 250 houses and 560 inhabitants.

The Kuchyňka pond at the northwest end of the village offers nice summer refreshment in clean water as well as fishing opportunities. The writer Rajmund Habřina (1907 - 1960), the biochemistry expert DrSc. Lubomír Macholán (1931) and the artist Rudolf Fila (1932) were born in Příbram.

Interesting sights

St. Florian and Virgin Mary Chapel The foundation stone of the chapel consacrated to St Florian – the patron saint of Příbram – was laid down by local inhabitants in 1992.Until then, only a small chapel with a painting of St. Florian at the edge of the village served the locals. The chapel was consacrated in 1999 and its footprint is eliptical. The confessional lies at the southern end while the vestibule and the sacristy are found at the northern side. The shape of the chapel resembles Noah´s ark. This unique architectural solution won its author, architect Aleš Fiala, an award in the modern sacred buildings competition. Interior decorations worth seeing include sculptures made by academic sculptor Otýlie Šuterová, such as Christ with highlighted heart, Virgin Mary and St. Florian, stations of the cross etc.

The Cross Memorial of Napoleon´s Army´s departure French army was often rude to local inhabitants during its march to Moravia in 1805. They used to steal their food and horses´ hay. To celebrate the army´s departure, Příbram inhabitants raised a memorial cross with the following text: „This cross was built by Příbram municipality to celebrate Napoleon´s army´s departure in 1806“.

Příbram Mill In the pictoresque valley of Habřina stream there lies a spacious building of the former Příbram mill that reminds us of the glory of the water mills in the region. Although the object is not open to the public it is an interesting place to stop by while walking on the red hiking path connecting White stream valley in the north and Oslava valley in the west.


Pohostinství Příbram
Příbram na Moravě 94
Tel.: +420 724 959 738

Hospoda Na hřišti
Příbram na Moravě
Tel.: +420 739 091 919

Traditional events

• Witch burning

• Příbram fair

• Neckyáda/ Washtub races

• Ladislav Pospíšil memorial soccer match

• Summer night rock dance

• Příbram fair

• Christmas tree celebration


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