Vysoké Popovice

Vysoké Popovice


Vysoké Popovice 35
664 84, Zastávka u Brna
Tel.: +420 546 450 201
Fax: +420 546 450 201
E-mail: obec@vysoke-popovice.cz
Web: www.vysoke-popovice.cz

History and present

The original settlement of the place where Vysoké Popovice now lies included only a fortress with a farm of the Lords of Popovice, as recorded in 1228. The land remained in their property until the beginning of the 15th century when it was transferred to Jan from Lomnice. The fortress was burned down during the march of Matyáš against King Jiřík from Poděbrady and it has never been reconstructed. As of 1482 Popovice became a permanent part of the Rosice manor. The old municipal seal from the year 1749 bears the title “Popowiz” with a ploughshare between two flowers. The new seal without a date depicts St. John of Nepomuk and bears the title “Popoviz”.

Agriculture was the main livelyhood of local inhabitants. When coal was discovered in the Rosice-Oslavany area at the end of the 18th century, the number of inhabitants grew significantly. Most of them found work in mines and smelters in nearby Zastávka or Zbýšov. Today the village 620 inhabitants. The village serves as a starting point for hiking trails and the surrounding forests are good for mushroom hunting.

An important moment for the village was railways construction of the Zastávka u Brna – Okříšky (1855-1885) line although the city representatives at that time protested against the railway construction and did not agree either with the railway station construction in Popovice. The main reason for that was probably the fear of losing income from the flourishing teamsters business.

Interesting sights

St John the Baptist Church
A Romanesque church used to stand in place of the present church. The original wooden tower burned down in 1882 and was replaced by a stone one. The church took its final appearace during the 1910 reconstruction. There are three bells hanging in the tower. Between 1987 and 1992 they gradually replaced their predecessors melted during the World War II. The largest of them called St. John the Baptist weighs about 490 kg. Apart from the large bells, a small „death bell“ also hangs in the tower. It weighs only 28 kg and has been hanging there since the 18th century.

The Municipal Office Building
This building from 1831 served originally as a local school and after 1945 was converted to serve to the needs of the municipal office. The post office is also located there.

Sports facilities

SK Vysoké Popovice
Vysoké Popovice 93
Popovice 73
Tel.: +420 603 747 214

Traditional events

• Vysoké Popovice OPEN tennis tournament
• celebration of St. John the Baptist´s feast

• Vysoké Popovice feast

• children´s lantern parade celebrating St. Martin´s feast


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