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History and present

Archeological digs have shown that the Zakřany area was settled as early as the late Stone Age. The municipality is first mentioned in writing in 1350 when Oldřich from Zakřany transferred two hides of land were to Kateřina from Skalice. In 1522, local yards, fields and forests were transferred as a part of the Rosice manor to Bohunka from Pernštejn. Zakřany remained a part of this manor until the 18th century when the corvée (feudal vassal labour) was cancelled and when the villages of Zakřany, Příbram na Moravě, Vysoké Popovice and Lukovany became one administrative municipality. The autonomy of Zakřany was established in 1874 and three years later the local school was opened.

Zakřany saw a great economic boom following the World War I when 45 new houses were built. The inhabitants worked mainly in coalmines in nearby Zbýšov or they worked in agriculture. Today more than 750 inhabitants live in Zakřany. Zakřany hosts the cross-country motorcycle race Fechtl Cup and the Zakřany Fair, complete with local majorettes´ performance.

Zakřany was surrounded by bushes (the word “keř” means “bush” in Czech and forms the root of the Zakřany name). A bush is depicted in the municipality’s coat of arms. In the bottom part of it there are two acorns – the sign of Zakřany´s oldest noble family.

Interesting sights

St. Donat Chapel
A wooden chapel that used to stand in the centre of the village was replaced by a brick chapel in 1856. Unfortunately it was damaged due to unqualified school reconstruction and therefore had to be demolished in 1888. The local inhabitants built a new brick chapel „To the honour and glory of St. Donat“ within the same year. It has served its purpose until today. Two bells from 1969 hang in the chapel tower; the bigger one is called St. Cyril and St. Methodius and the smaller one Maria.

Roadside Cross and Memorial Stone
On the way to Vysoké Popovice, across from the agricultural cooperative, there stand a nicely decorated roadside cross and a memorial stone with a crudely engraved cross. Originally there were three stones in commemoration of an unhappy love. According to a local legend, two boys from Zakřany fell in love with the same girl. They had a fight and at the end both of them died together with the beloved girl. On the road to Vysoké Popovice there is a brick chapel consecrated to St. John of Nepomuk.


Restaurace Sokolovna
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Pohostinství 60
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Sports facilities

TJ Sokol Zakřany
Zakřany 32
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Traditional events

• Přivítání Nového roku s doprovázejícím ohňostrojem

• Fechtl Cup – terénní závod motocyklů do 50 ccm

• turnaj v tenisu
• Petanque
• Letní noc na voru

• Zakřanská pouť s vystoupením místních mažoretek

• Zakřanské hody

• živý Betlém


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