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History and present

Although the history of Zbýšov reaches back to late Stone Age, first written records of its existence appear around 1280 when its owner, marshal Bohuš from Drahotuše, donated the village to his daughter and to Oslavany cloister that she had joined.

Zbýšov used to be a small settlement in the Oslavany manor. Discovery of coal in the area around 1820 led to great development of the settlement. The first mining company Rahnova, later called Láska Boží (“God´s Love”) started mining in this area. During the following 200 years the area had undergone great development. Mining flats, a school, a post office and a mining house were built and the St. Martin church was reconstructed. The village received a town status in1965 and now counts almost 4 000 inhabitants. Zbýšov is proud of its modern swimming pool with a water slide.

The end of coal mining in 1992 sharply affected the life of local inhabitants. Now, only the preserved mining towers of the George II and Simson mines remind us of the bygone times of the town´s and region´s economic development. The Museum of Industrial Railways with its exposition of narrow gauge engines and wagons lies in the area of the old George II mine. Museum organizes occasional rides on a former railway siding from Zbýšov to Zastávka.

The development of Zbýšov´s name is quite interesting. In historical sources we find these names: Zbiscowiz, Sbizowich, Biospicz, Wessau, Spasow, Zpeischow and Zbejšov. The last mentioned name was still valid at the beginning of the 20th century.

Interesting sights

St. Martin Church
The current Neo-romanesque church was built in 1893-94, replacing an old church that has been mentioned in the 1676 episcopal decree. At that time it contained one altar, 2 bells, one silver chalice and next to it there was a little house occupied by a hermit. Two bells have remained in the church, the larger one from 1652 and the smaller one from 1762. One of the altars is consecrated to the patron saint of miners, St. Barbara. An interesting organ bearing a mining sign is also housed in the church.

Mining Tower of the Simson Mine
Simson mine was opened in 1848. The steel mining tower from the beginning of the 20th century still remains at the site. In 1987 the mining tower was declared a technical monument, however, unfortunately it is not open for public.

Mining Tower of the George II Mine
George II mine became the deepest black coal mine in the Czech Republic and it was even one of the deepest mines in Europe with its depth of 1550 metres. The digging out of the mine took place during 1964-1969. The mining tower is located northeast from the centre of the city and is not open for public.

Museum of Industrial Railways
In the former Geroge II mine area it is possible to see the exposition of the Museum of Industrial Railways. You can see engines and wagons collected from closed mines, stonepits, brickworks or other industrial narrow gauge railways from the entire Czech Republic. The museum occassionally arranges show rides on the narrow gauge engines at the former siding from Zbýšov to Zastávka.


C & W Saloon. No.1, Penzion PAMIR
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C & W Saloon. No.1, Penzion PAMIR
Padělky 381
Tel.: +420 727 932 923
Web: www.saloon.cz

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Sports facilities

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Cultural amenities

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Traditional events

• Vítání nového roku s ohňostrojem

• Zbýšovský Super kos

• Setkání tří Zbýšovů ČR (2008 a každý další 3. rok)

• Zbýšovská pouť a koncert dechové hudby

• Zbýšovský kos


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